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Club Penguin Cheats

Hidden emotecons
e+f flower
e+g game
e+h heart
e+p puffle
e+m money
e+l clover
e+c coffee
e+s skull
e+n moon
e+d sun
e+1 laughing face
e+2 smile
e+3 straight face
e+4 frown
e+5 suprised
e+6 tongue sticking out
e+7 wink
e+8 throw up
e+9 angry face
e+0 sad face
shift+! large !
e+? large ?
t=throw snowball

Super Snowball thowing
hold t on your keyboard Others cant see it.

jackhammer glitch
were the hardhelmat and hold d on your keyboard and you will freeze.

Walk on pathways
click on the exit of a room (I prefer the town) when your close enough
quickly click on you mail and exit you mail and your penguin will be standing in the exit of a room but not in the next room!

Freeze while using propleler hat
use any propleler hat and when your in the air hold d and you will be stuck in the air try it with your green puffle.

Astro Barrier Cheat
on the loading screen press 1 to go to level 10 2 to go to level 20
and 3 to go to level 30

Pizzatron Candy Mode
push the pizza lever at the bottom 1 time then click start and all of the food items will be candy


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  1. hope you enjoy until then waddle on

  2. Awesome!

    I can tell its gonna be wicked!

    😀 (Y)


  3. Hey,

    You Have Been Added To My Unlimted Links!

    Thank-You For Adding Cphelp to your blogroll!


  4. No Your Not On My Blogroll Your On My Unlimted Links!

  5. oh thanks for the help

  6. Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

  7. sweet website 🙂 i love it ill tell all my freinds to come here!!

  8. Awesome Post!

    (Comment Back On My Site Please)


  9. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  10. cool thanks for the portal box cheat and welcome to this awsome website Birdfish555

  11. its me coolboy9 i chaned my name to ninetales

  12. Thank you ninetales yes Shocks wasnt lieing im the new author of this blog im helping Shocks

  13. Orange puffles are coming really soon in Club Penguin. Can’t wait to get one.

  14. Love the site! Thanks for all your work on it.

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